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Barb Tiger Gold Blushing, Barbs - Tropical

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Barb Tiger Gold Blushing

This interesting lively and playful schooling species of fish will be a good addition to any home aquarium. It is recommended that this fish is not kept in any less than four as they form an established "pecking order". There are a number of colour morphs available on today’s market most notably the moss green and albino varieties. This fish needs lots of open swimming room though is not particularly demanding in terms of water quality. The tiger barb can sometimes be aggressive towards other tank mates and may nip fins so should be carefully considered for adding to an aquarium with fish such as guppies. This fish is an egg scatterer.

Item properties

Name of fish: Barb Tiger Gold Blushing
Product code: Ba197M
Price: £2.35
Suitable habitat: Tropical
Fish type: Barbs
Suggested water hardness: Soft
Sold at size: 3cm
Average fish length attained in aquarium: 7cm
Latin name of fish: Barbus Tetrazona
Normal temprement: Community
Sold in units of: 1
Suggested water temp range: From 24 °C to 26 °C
Sugggested pH range: From 6.5 pH to 7.5 pH
Suggested aquarium size: 50 ltrs

Special offer

3 for £7.00

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